Sunday, August 9, 2015

Screenwriter in the Making!

Isabelle E, Grade 3, SFE acted out Jon Scieszka's book Me, Oh Maya. Take a look at what she did.

I chose Me Oh Maya by Jon Scieszka for the acting challenge. I chose this book because it was adventurous and they time warped in the book. I wanted to pretend to time warp. I used the lines from the book to help me write my script. Me and my mom wrote the script together. Me, my mom and my cousin acted it out. My baby brother watched us. I think they should make this book into a kids movie because it is sooooo cool.

ME OH MAYA: The Play

Narrator: Isabelle
Joe: Meghan
Sam: Isabelle
Fred: Me
High Priest: my mom
Feather heads: mom


High Priest: How dare you interrupt the game!

Fred: HUH?

High Priest: Explain yourselves or your blood will be spilled in sacrifice.

Fred: Where the heck are we now?

Sam: NO WAY!

Fred: Totally.

Sam: Not likely.

High Priest: Silence invaders. I am the High Priest of Chichen, Itza, I will rip your hearts out. Answer.

Fred: Did you say chicken pizza?

Sam: Chichen Itza.

Joe: It's the name of the city those people built I was telling you about before we go time warped.

Joe: excuse me high priest. We are three guys who sent here by a magic book we dont really know how to work . We just have to find it. Then we will take off right out of here, and you guys can get back to your sacred ball game.

High Priest: Seize them! We will Sacrifice them to the Harvest.

Narrator: At this time Sam, Fred and Joe were fighting for their lives against the Feather Headed people. They nedded the book to get back home to Brooklyn.

Fred: SHOOT!

Joe: DUCK!

Sam: Fred? Joe?

Sam: Aieeeee!

Narrator: The mayas hit the ball and it flew Sam on his head and made the shot. The High Priest handed over the book as it was agreed.

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